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Berkshire Medical Reserve Corps and Berkshire Regional Planning Commission

My thanks to Corinne McKeown (BMRC) and Allison Egan (BRPC) for inviting me to speak at their event May 2nd. We discussed disaster preparedness, business resilience, and ways organizations can help support their communities after a major event. The event was held at the lovely Hotel on North in the Berkshires. (BTW, the food there is awesome!) When researching for my presentation, I was surprised to learn how tornado prone the town (Pittsfield, MA) was. Several audience members had experience with past tornado events and shared lessons learned such as spontaneous, untrained volunteers showing up. Participants were encouraged to pre-register and get training with the BMRC and/or related volunteer agencies so they could assist in case something happened. I encourage everyone to get prepared and be able to assist others if needed.

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