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Crisis Management and HR Professionals

My thanks again to Isis Latham of Primerica for inviting me to speak in February to the Brattleboro Area Human Resources Network (BAHRN) in Vermont.  Human Resources personnel have a lot of responsibilities before, during, and after workplace crises.  The size of the affected company will determine HR roles during an event of any magnitude however, HR is generally responsible for accounting for personnel.  The news media will be asking about injuries, fatalities, the missing, etc., and families will be calling to find out the status of their loved ones.  Have you identified who will be doing what during and after the crisis?  While the Communications/Media personnel may the ones assigned to interact with news and social media, the personnel information will need to come from HR.  HR employees will be depending on first responders,  medical personnel, and others to provide information to them as well.  If you have a small company, one person may have multiple roles and responsibilities.  What have you done to ensure everyone knows what to do in a crisis?

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