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A Veterans Day Tribute

Yesterday was my late father's birthday and today is Veterans Day; I am filled with memories.  Dad served in a number of wars during his service in the Army Air Corps then in the Air Force when it became a separate entity.  I recall at some point in my life arguing with him about wars and he became very sad because he had served proudly, feeling that it was the right thing to do.  I felt bad after that, as if I were telling him his experiences were meaningless or worthless.  While I still don't like wars, I honor his sacrifices and memory, along with the others who have served in events they may not all agree about.  My grandfather passed away at a young age after being gassed in WWI and my grandmother had to raise and support her children alone.  Additionally, I am reminded that my Mom packed up all of us kids and moved a number of times throughout Dad's career, most of the time without him being there to help.  So many others have served and are still serving, and families of all types support their loved ones in the military.  I salute them all on this day of remembrance, while knowing my story is not unique.

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