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Focus on Employee Preparedness

Preparing your employees for an emergency is important for both for their safety and the continuity of your business.  Trained employees may also protect customers who happen to be at the site when something bad happens.  The OSHA 1910.38 federal standard lists basic requirements for an Emergency Action Plan; if you have 11 or more employees, the plan must be written and available to your personnel.  Sites such as and the American Red Cross have free tips, lists, brochures, and links for use in training your personnel.  The American Red Cross also has specific workplace programs to teach employees first aid and related skills.

Not all emergencies require an evacuation.  For example, do employees know what to do if there is a violent intruder or workplace violence?  The Department of Homeland Security has information on preparing your personnel and workplace.

September is National Preparedness Month - a good time to show employees how valuable they are!

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